2.4. Erasing the flash memory

If you have problems with your Juno software and have to completely reset the images in flash you must erase everything that is there first. It is good practice to do this when applying a recovery image or moving to a new Linaro release in case any configuration requires changing. The following steps assume that the V2M-Juno motherboard is connected to a host computer as described in Connecting to a host computer.

  1. At the Cmd> prompt on the serial terminal, issue the command flash.

  2. The V2M-Juno motherboard will power on automatically and there is a brief delay while the V2M-Juno motherboard firmware initializes.

  3. At the Flash> prompt, enter eraseall.

  4. Once the V2M-Juno motherboard firmware has finished erasing the flash memory, at the Flash> prompt, enter exit.

  5. The V2M-Juno motherboard powers down and returns to the Cmd> prompt.

On the subsequent boot, the V2M-Juno motherboard firmware copies images from the SD card into the flash memory, following the definitions in the images.txt file. You should see the following:

Cmd> flash

Switching on main power...
PMIC RAM configuration (pms_v104.bin)...

Flash> eraseall
Erasing flash device
Erasing Flash
Erasing Flash

Flash> exit
Switching off ATX PSU.

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