2.6. Juno SoC configuration

Some of the configuration settings for the Juno SoC are exposed through the board.txt file located in SITE1/HBI0262[B/C]. These include settings for PLL frequencies, clocks, and entry point addresses for the SCP and AP ROM firmware images. Example 2.2 shows a typical board.txt file.


ARM recommends that you do not modify any values in this file unless you have a specific need to do so. Incorrect values can result in instability or an inability to boot the SCP Firmware and ARM Trusted Firmware successfully.

Example 2.2. board.txt file format

TITLE: V2M-Juno DevChip Configuration File
SCC: 0x10C 0x00019300 ;A53 PLL Register 1
SCC: 0x0F8 0x0BEC0000 ;BL1 entry point
SCC: 0xA14 0x00000000 ;PCLKDBG_CONTROL DIV=1
SCC: 0x118 0x003F1000 ;SYS PLL Register 0 (1600MHz)
SCC: 0x11C 0x0001F100 ;SYS PLL Register 1SCC: 0x100 0x003F1000 ;A57 PLL Register 0 (800MHz)SCC: 0x104 0x0001F300 ;A57 PLL Register 1SCC: 0x0FC 0xABE40000 ;BL0 entry pointSCC: 0x108 0x00331000 ;A53 PLL Register 0 (650MHz)

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