2.3. Flash memory programming

If you are using the recovery images or following the Linaro software release instructions, you do not need to change any of the firmware or configuration files.

For an image file to be programmed into the V2M-Juno motherboard flash memory, it must first be placed onto the SD card filesystem. Each image must also have a corresponding entry in the SITE1/HBI0262[B/C]/images.txt file. This file is used by the V2M-Juno motherboard firmware to determine which images to program into flash memory at boot time.


ARM recommends that all SoC software images to be loaded are placed in the SOFTWARE directory of the SD card.

Example 2.1 illustrates the required format for the images.txt file. The number of entries is likely to differ on a newly received V2M-Juno motherboard.

Example 2.1. images.txt file format

TITLE: Versatile Express Images Configuration File

TOTALIMAGES: 2                     ;Number of Images (Max: 32)

NOR0UPDATE: AUTO                   ;Image Update:NONE/AUTO/FORCE
NOR0ADDRESS: 0x00000000            ;Image Flash Address
NOR0FILE: \SOFTWARE\fip.bin        ;Image File Name
NOR0LOAD: 00000000                 ;Image Load Address
NOR0ENTRY: 00000000                ;Image Entry Point

NOR1UPDATE: AUTO                   ;Image Update:NONE/AUTO/FORCE
NOR1ADDRESS: 0x03EC0000            ;Image Flash Address
NOR1FILE: \SOFTWARE\bl1.bin        ;Image File Name
NOR1LOAD: 00000000                 ;Image Load Address
NOR1ENTRY: 00000000                ;Image Entry Point

The TOTALIMAGES value informs the V2M-Juno motherboard firmware of the number of images to be programmed into the flash memory of the board. It must match the number of entries that follow it. If the value is too low, that is, smaller than the number of images, some images are not programmed into the flash memory. If it is too high, then the behavior of the V2M-Juno motherboard firmware is undefined.


The numbering for images begins at zero. For example, NOR0UPDATE, NOR1UPDATE.

Each entry must have a consistent format that matches the examples given above. The NOR[x] naming prefix must increment with every new entry.

You can define a maximum of 32 entries, with NOR31 being the highest possible prefix name. Above this value, the behavior of the motherboard firmware is undefined.

For each NOR[x] image, the following fields are required:


The file is programmed into flash memory if it is not already present. On subsequent boots the file in flash is not updated, even if it has changed on the SD card.


The V2M-Juno motherboard firmware determines if the file on the SD card is consistent with the file in flash memory. If not, the flash memory is updated.


The V2M-Juno motherboard firmware programs the flash memory with the contents of the file on the SD card at every boot, regardless of whether it has changed or not.


The base address within the flash memory that the image is programmed to. The address must always be prefixed with 0x.


The path to, and name of, the file that is programmed. All paths must be specified from the root of the SD card filesystem.


Leave as zero unless required.


Leave as zero unless required.

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