1.1. About the Juno ADP

The Juno ADP is a 64-bit software development platform consisting of an ARM Versatile Express V2M-Juno motherboard containing a Juno ADP SoC and reference software.

The ADP is based around an ARMv8-A Compute Subsystem (CSS) and provides:

The following hardware features are available only on Juno r1:

Reference firmware and other software images are available for the Juno ADP from Linaro.


The use of Juno software is subject to the terms of the Juno End-User License Agreement.

External interfaces include:


The V2M-Juno motherboard is lead-free.

The V2M-Juno motherboard is available from ARM. For information, see www.arm.com/juno.


The ARM Connected Community pages provide additional information for users of the Juno ADP, including FAQs and instructions on using the Linaro software deliverables. For more information, see http://community.arm.com/groups/juno-arm-development-platform.

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