Appendix A. Revisions

This appendix describes the technical changes between released issues of this book.

Table A.1. Issue A

First release.--

Table A.2. Differences between Issue A and Issue B

Removed Product Release Status section.Chapter 1Issue B
IPA support statement removed.Chapter 1Issue B
Use of Ethernet ports added.Use of Ethernet portsIssue B
Updated UART descriptions.UART configuration.Issue B

Table A.3. Differences between Issue B and Issue C

Updated links to Linaro site.ThroughoutIssue C
Firmware bundles archive text removed.Board recovery procedureIssue C
Link to Connected Community added.About the Juno ADPIssue C

Table A.4. Differences between Issue C and Issue D

Reorganized footnotes by deleting the original footnote “a”.Footnotes of Table 1.1Issue D
Updated 3.18 kernel command line argument, replacing DVI-D with HDMI-A.Footnotes of Table 1.1Issue D
Deleted footnote reference for BenQ GL2450 in the “Success rate” column.Footnotes of Table 1.1Issue D

Table A.5. Issue E

Updated links from Linaro site to ARM Connected Community.ThroughoutIssue E

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