3.4.1. Run the simulation

After the RTL compilation, you can start the simulation in the fpga_testbench/fpga/rtl_sim/ directory using one of the following commands:

make sim

For interactive simulation.

make run

For batch mode simulation.

The makefile in the rtl_sim directory automatically invokes the makefiles in the testcodes directories.


The make run and the make sim steps automatically run the make code operation. Therefore, if you have previously compiled a test using make code with specific options, you must repeat the same options when you invoke make run or make sim.

For example:

  • make code TESTNAME=designtest_m0 TOOL_CHAIN=ds5 COMPILE_MICROLIB=1

  • make sim TESTNAME=designtest_m0 TOOL_CHAIN=ds5 COMPILE_MICROLIB=1 SIMULATOR=vcs

If you do not do this, the software test might be recompiled without the previous configuration settings. The command make code enables you to test that a program file compiles correctly. It does not start the simulation.

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