Implementation obligations

This book is designed to help you implement an ARM product. The extent to which the deliverables can be modified or disclosed is governed by the contract between ARM and the Licensee. There might be validation requirements which, if applicable, are detailed in the contract between ARM and the Licensee and which, if present, must be complied with prior to the distribution of any devices incorporating the technology described in this document. Reproduction of this document is only permitted in accordance with the licenses granted to the Licensee.ARM assumes no liability for your overall system design and performance. Verification procedures defined by ARM are only intended to verify the correct implementation of the technology licensed by ARM, and are not intended to test the functionality or performance of the overall system. You or the Licensee are responsible for performing system level tests.You are responsible for applications that are used in conjunction with the ARM technology described in this document, and to minimize risks, adequate design and operating safeguards must be provided for by you. Publishing information by ARM in this book of information regarding third party products or services is not an express or implied approval or endorsement of the use thereof.

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