3.1. About the simulation environment

The simulation environment in this example system enables you to start an MPS2 board based simulation quickly. The simulation environment includes software files and simulation setup makefiles.

The simulation environment supports the following Verilog simulators:

The makefile for setting up the simulation environment, which runs on make.exe, is created for the Linux platform.


  • On most Unix and Linux platforms make.exe is readily available. If you use a Windows simulation platform, you must download and install a suitable version of make.exe as required.

  • If you have already installed Altera Quartus, which is required to rebuild the FPGA, make.exe is installed as part of the cygwin shell. To access this, you should add the path C:/<quartus_installation_directory>/quartus/bin64/cygwin/bin to your path variable.

You can compile the example software using the following:

The simulation requires one of the supported Verilog simulators and tools, for compiling and assembling the software code.

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