4.1.2. Available RTL simulation tests

Table 4.2 shows the example software tests that the RTL design kit contains.

Table 4.2. Example software test list

sleep_demoDemonstration of sleep features.
dhrySimple Dhrystone test.
self_reset_demoDemonstration of the self reset feature that uses the signal SYSRESETREQ.
dualtimer_demoDemonstration of the APB Dual Timer.
watchdog_demoDemonstration of the APB Watchdog.
timer_testsTests the simple APB timer.
uart_testsTests the simple APB UART.
default_slaves_testsTests the default slave activation. It accesses invalid memory locations.
timer_driver_testsSimple test for the simple timer device driver functions.
apb_mux_testsSimple test for the APB slave multiplexer.

Some of the tests are timing dependent and are written for a system with zero wait states. The test might fail if you change the wait states of the system.

The config_id.h header file in the cortex_m0_mcu/testcodes/generic directory contains the defines for each of the available functions in the Cortex-M0 processor. The values are set to match the fixed configuration of the CortexM0 processor from DesignStart.

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