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Is it possible to use an external editor in conjunction with uVision?


Yes. Follow these steps to add your favorite Windows editor to the uVision Menu System.

  1. Select Customize Tools Menu... from the Tools menu.
  2. Add a description for your editor to the Menu Content box. You may specify an ampersand ('&') to specify the hot-key.
  3. Enter the command required to launch your editor in the Command input line. For example, to start Notepad under Windows 2000, enter C:\WINNT\NOTEPAD.EXE.
  4. Enter #F in the Arguments text box. If you don't want your editor to automatically open the source file, you may omit this step.

Now, select a file from the Project List (on the left) and select your editor from the Tools menu. uVision launches your editor which will open the selected source file for you.


Article last edited on: 2011-03-09 11:29:44

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