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What is the interrupt latency of interrupt service routines in C51?


There are a number of things that impact how quickly an interrupt is serviced. For example, the following all delay an interrupt:

Assuming that interrupts are enabled and that there is no higher priority interrupt that is executing, a new interrupt is serviced by the Microcontroller immediately. Then, the interrupt service routine is entered. For example, the following C interrupt code:

   3          static unsigned counter = 0;
   5          void ISR (void) interrupt 0 using 1
   6          {
   7   1      counter++;
   8   1      }

generates the following assembly code:

0000 C0E0              PUSH    ACC
                                           ; SOURCE LINE # 5
                                           ; SOURCE LINE # 7
0002 0500        R     INC     counter+01H
0004 E500        R     MOV     A,counter+01H
0006 7002              JNZ     ?C0006
0008 0500        R     INC     counter
000A         ?C0006:
                                           ; SOURCE LINE # 8
000A D0E0              POP     ACC
000C 32                RETI

As you can see, there is not a lot of overhead there to retard the performance of your ISRs.


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