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How can I get a list of the built-in (predefined) debugger functions?


The dir bfunc command lists the built-in functions. For example, in the C51 tools, dir bfunc generates the following list:

dir bfunc

predefined:       int printf (char *format, ...)
predefined:      void twatch (ulong cycles)
predefined:       int exec (char *cmd)
predefined:     uchar _RBYTE (ulong nAdr)
predefined:      uint _RWORD (ulong nAdr)
predefined:     ulong _RDWORD (ulong nAdr)
predefined:     float _RFLOAT (ulong nAdr)
predefined:    double _RDOUBLE (ulong nAdr)
predefined:      void _WBYTE (ulong Adr, uchar val)
predefined:      void _WWORD (ulong Adr, uint val)
predefined:      void _WDWORD (ulong Adr, ulong val)
predefined:      void _WFLOAT (ulong Adr, float val)
predefined:      void _WDOUBLE (ulong Adr, double val)
predefined:       int GetInt (char *title)
predefined:      long GetLong (char *title)
predefined:    double GetDbl (char *title)
predefined:       int rand (int seed)
predefined:      void memset (ulong addr, ulong many, uchar val)
predefined:       int _TaskRunning_ (ulong addr)
predefined:      void wwatch (ulong addr)
predefined:      void rwatch (ulong addr)
predefined:      void swatch (float nSec)

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