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How do I configure PC-Lint to work with the uVision IDE?


  1. Install PC-Lint as described in the PC-Lint Manual.
  2. Start uVision and Select Setup PC-Lint from the Tools menu.
  3. Specify the path to the PC-Lint program in the Lint Executable input line. Usually, this is C:LINTLINT-NT.EXE.
  4. Specify the configuration file to use in the Configuration File input line.C:KEILC51BINCO-KC51.LNT for C51, C:KEILC166BINCO-KC166.LNT for C166, or C:KEILC251BINCO-KC251.LNT for C251.

You are now ready to lint your source files. From the Tools menu, the Lint and Lint All Source Files selections, run PC-Lint. The output from PC-Lint displays in the Output Window.

To ensure that the results in the Output Window are correct, PC-Lint MUST HAVE the following options:

-format="*** LINT: %(%f(%l) )%)%t %n: %m"

These options are specified in the .LNT files mentioned above.

Note that PC-lint works best when installed in the C:LINT folder. Placing C:Program FilesLINT will not work because of the space in the folder name.


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