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How can I get the compiler to merge duplicate strings in my program?


The Keil C compilers already do this. For example, the following code:

#include <stdio.h>

void main (void)
printf ("This is a test
printf ("This is a test
printf ("This is a test
printf ("This is a test
printf ("This is a test

Generates the following assembly listing:

             ; FUNCTION main (BEGIN)
                                           ; SOURCE LINE # 5
0000 7BFF              MOV     R3,#0FFH
0002 7A00        R     MOV     R2,#HIGH ?SC_0
0004 7900        R     MOV     R1,#LOW ?SC_0
0006 120000      E     LCALL   _printf
                                           ; SOURCE LINE # 6
0009 7BFF              MOV     R3,#0FFH
000B 7A00        R     MOV     R2,#HIGH ?SC_0
000D 7900        R     MOV     R1,#LOW ?SC_0
000F 120000      E     LCALL   _printf
                                           ; SOURCE LINE # 7
0012 7BFF              MOV     R3,#0FFH
0014 7A00        R     MOV     R2,#HIGH ?SC_0
0016 7900        R     MOV     R1,#LOW ?SC_0
0018 120000      E     LCALL   _printf
                                           ; SOURCE LINE # 8
001B 7BFF              MOV     R3,#0FFH
001D 7A00        R     MOV     R2,#HIGH ?SC_0
001F 7900        R     MOV     R1,#LOW ?SC_0
0021 120000      E     LCALL   _printf
                                           ; SOURCE LINE # 9
0024 7BFF              MOV     R3,#0FFH
0026 7A00        R     MOV     R2,#HIGH ?SC_0
0028 7900        R     MOV     R1,#LOW ?SC_0
002A 020000      E     LJMP    _printf
             ; FUNCTION main (END)

As you can see, the string constant at ?SC_0 is accessed for each call to printf. And, in the module information:

   CODE SIZE        =     45    ----
   CONSTANT SIZE    =     16    ----
   XDATA SIZE       =   ----    ----
   PDATA SIZE       =   ----    ----
   DATA SIZE        =   ----    ----
   IDATA SIZE       =   ----    ----
   BIT SIZE         =   ----    ----

only 16 bytes of memory are used for the constant space (the string, "This is a test ").

As an alternative, you may specifically declare constant strings that you will use in multiple places as follows:

#include <stdio.h>

const char code strThisIsATest [] = "This is a test

void main (void)
printf (strThisIsATest);
printf (strThisIsATest);
printf (strThisIsATest);
printf (strThisIsATest);
printf (strThisIsATest);

Article last edited on: 2001-03-26 00:00:00

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