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I want to display several memory areas 16 bytes wide. When I adjust the size of the Memory Window for my DATA memory (Memory #1 Tab), my XDATA memory (Memory #2 Tab) gets messed up and vice-versa. Is there a way around this?


Unfortunately, there is no way around this problem. As an alternative, you may simply display the memory contents in the Command Window using the d command. For example:

d d:0

displays the DATA memory starting from address 0. The width of the data displayed in the Command Window is always 16 bytes.

You may additionally define a button for each memory space you want to display. For example:

define button "Show D:0x00" , "d d:0x00"

defines a button that displays the contents of data memory starting from 0.

Article last edited on: 2004-06-28 11:36:14

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