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Noprmally, I use the Keil uVision2 Debugger, but now I must use an older version of the PDS51 Emulator from Philips. How can I create output files that are compatible with this emulator? According to the user's guide of the PDS51 emulator I need OMF51 files.


The current version of the PDS51 software fully support the Keil extended OMF-51 format which provides full access to typed variables like int, long, float, and struct.

If you must use an older version of the PDS51, you must do a little work to generate old Intel OMF-51 compatible object files. This is possible by using the following procedure:

  1. Download the AMAKE Record Purge Utility.
  2. In the uVision2 IDE:
    • Disable Debug Information under Options for Target - Output.
    • Enter DEBUG under Options for Target - C51: Misc Controls.
  3. Use the AMAKE Record Purge Utility on the output file generated by BL51. This utility removes MAKE records from the OMF file.

This procedure works for all files that are generated by the BL51 Linker/Locater. However, it will not work for the new LX51 Linker/Locater.

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