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I want to use the SVCS menu in uVision. I know that Keil offers preconfigured files in the KEILUV3 folder for several popular version control software. However, the software I'm using is not already supported. What is your recommended way for creating a configuration file?


How to use the SVCS menu is explained in uVision Getting Started User's Guide, Using the SVCS Menu.

To create a new configuration file enter a file name under SVSC — Configure Version Control — Template File. Use the file extension .SVCS and save this template file under KEILUV3. You may actually store this file anywhere on your computer but the UV@ directory is a logical place.

In the SVCS dialog you may modify the menu content with the New(Insert) button and specify a program that should be executed under the windows Command processor. Program parameters may be specified under Arguments. Environment allows you to specify additional environment variables for the SVCS command.

Key Sequences may be used under Menu Content and Arguments. Key Sequences allow you to insert specific project parameters and are described in the on-line help.

As an alternative to creating a new configuration file, you may copy an existing .SVCS file and modify copy using the SVCS — Configure Version Control dialog.

Some version control systems use global environment variables that are set outside of uVision. These environment variables were ignored in uVision prior to version 2.20. If you have trouble with your SVCS system make sure that you are using uVision V2.20 or higher.


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