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I'm using the monitor and uVision to download and test my program. The monitor is configured to load programs starting at address 0x4000. Is there anything special I must do to start running these programs in uVision?


Yes. First, you must create a debugger .INI file that sets the program starting address and runs to the beginning of the main C function. Then, you must change the debugger settings to use this new .INI file.

  1. In uVision, create a new file (named DEBUG.INI) and add the following to it:
    $ = 0x4000

    These lines tell the debugger to set the program counter to 0x4000 (the starting address of your program) and to run until reaching the main C function.

  2. In uVision, open the Debug Tab from the Project Options Dialog.
  3. Make sure that Load Application at Startup is selected (checked).
  4. Make sure that Go Till Main is not selected (unchecked).
  5. Enter DEBUG.INI for the name of the Initialization File.

When you start the debugger, it will load the application and then execute the initialization file (DEBUG.INI) which will set the program start address to 0x4000 and run to the main C function.


Article last edited on: 2005-07-09 09:55:23

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