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The PK51 Professional Developer's Kit includes a new optimization (Linker Code Packing) which is implemented in the LX51 Linker.

Linker Code Packing organizes the segments in your application and recodes LJMP and LCALL instructions as AJMP and ACALL wherever possible. This optimization reduces total program size by 3-8%.

The map file produced by the LX51 Linker has a .MAP extension instead of the .M51 extension which was produced by the BL51 Linker.

In uVision, enable this optimization in Options for Target — CX51: Code Optimization: Linker Code Packing.

Note that this new optimization is only available in the PK51 Professional Developer's Kit V6.23 and higher. This optimization is performed by the LX51 Linker and is not available with the BL51 Linker.


Article last edited on: 2006-10-23 15:51:32

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