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I am using the Triscend Fastchip custom code banking file L51_BANK.A51 that uses the Triscend hardware special code mapper SFR's to accomplish code banking.

Breakpoints that I set in one code bank appear in other code banks. For example, if I set a breakpoint at address 0x8000 in bank 0, a breakpoint appears at 0x8000 in bank 1. When I view the breakpoints in the Breakpoints dialog (Debug- Breakpoints) the duplicate ("ghost") breakpoints are not listed. What's going on?


This is a known problem in the v TE5_UV2.DLL from Triscend. "Ghost" breakpoints will appear in the debug window additional code banks. However, the uVision Debugger does not stop program execution on these "ghost" breakpoints. To see the actual active breakpoints use Debug - Breakpoints to view the Breakpoints dialog.


Article last edited on: 2004-06-29 15:42:08

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