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I would like to use the Advanced Linker Level Optimization available in the LX51 linker. How do I invoke this level of optimization?


The OBJECTADVANCED compiler directive instructs the compiler to include information in the object file for for linker-level optimizations. This directive is used in conjunction with the OPTIMIZE directive to shrink program size and decrease execution speed.

When enabled, the OBJECTADVANCED directive instructs the LX51 linker/locater to perform the following Linker Optimizations:

The OBJECTADVANCED requires the extended LX51 linker/locater and cannot be used with the BL51 linker/locater.

µVision Control for OBJECTADVANCED : Project ->C51-> Code optimization -> Linker Code Packing

µVision Control for OPTIMIZE : Options -> C51 ->Code Optimization -> Level 0-9

Note in µVision Control : When the OBJECTADVANCED is enabled after the LX51 linker/locater is enabled when selecting Device, then the OMF2 directive is deleted from the C51 compiler command string. The OBJECTADVANCED enables another format, different from the OMF2 format.


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