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I have a Phytec KC167CR evaluation board and a simple IO port example to demonstrate the board. I use the default START167.A66 provided by the Keil C166 compiler. The program does not run on the KC167CR board. What could be wrong?


The purpose of the START167.A66 file is to configure specific hardware conditions of the C16X device specifically for the target hardware. In this case the target hardware is the Phytec KC167CR evaluation board. Therefore, you must have the specific Phytec provided START167.A66 file for the KC167CR.

The START167.A66 contains the startup code for the C167 derivative devices. It is executed immediately upon reset of the device and optionally performs the following operations in order:

If you are using the monitor, then the monitor contains it's own startup code that performs most of these operations. Once it has been completed, the startup code in your own application has no effect on the configuration of the device.

The C:KeilC166EXAMPLESBOARDS directory has examples and the appropriate START167.A66 files for popular C16X evaluation boards.



Article last edited on: 2005-07-15 10:22:29

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