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I have an existing application that I built with an external MAKE utility. Can I use the uVision debugger without generating a project file for my application?


Yes. The uVision Debugger requires only a dummy project that configures the CPU. All other information can be obtained from the object file you are debugging. Use the following steps to debug an application that is built with a standard MAKE utility:

  1. Start the uVision IDE and create a new project.
  2. When prompted to select a chip from the device database, select the chip that you use on the actual hardware. This chip is used to configure the debugger. Note: Be sure to set the target options under the Target tab to match your target hardware memory requirements.
  3. Do not add any files to the project.
  4. Specify the name of the executable file you want to test under Project - Options for Target - Output - Name of Executable. By default, uVision uses the project file name without extension.
  5. Under Project - Options for Target - Debug. Change the debugger settings as required for your application. Note: Be sure that the Simulator Setup is what's actually required for your target hardware.
  6. Select Start Debug Session from the Debug menu. This starts the debugger and loads the application you specified in step 4.
  7. If your application was built with debug information, the uVision Debugger searches the project folder for the source code to use for source-level debugging. You may set the folder where the source code is located as follows:
    SET SRC = folder1;folder2;folder3

    You may specify multiple source folders. You may also specify the SET SRC command in a debugger ini file that is loaded at the beginning of a debugging session.

Note: If you used uVision to create the initial application, check your Target and Debug settings very closely! Make sure that you have copied the original settings exactly.


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