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I am using the new version C51 7.00 running under MS Windows XP using three video monitors (Left, Center, Right). Under the Uv debugger, if I drag and drop the watch windows boxes from the Center video monitor (default condition) to the Top Left of the Left video monitor, the box snaps back to the right top of the Left monitor and overlaps into the Center video monitor.

This seems to be unlike the drag and drop standard in MS Visual Studio. Also, upon exiting the debug session, the windows come back in the Center video monitor and not in the last drag and drop position. Are there any work arounds?


Yes. The work around is to right click and move the box to the new position. It stays in that position, unless moved, for that session only. There is no a work around to saving the multiple monitor box positions when the debug session is exited.

Article last edited on: 2004-04-19 14:25:40

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