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I am using the Infineon C868 8 bit 8051 compatible Starter Kit C868 from Phytec and the ISD51 monitor with the Keil PK51 version 7.00. My problem involves the installation of the SK C868 for Bootstrap activation after RESET using the JP1 jumper. The Phytec SK C868 Hardware manual, dated January 2002, in Table 5 sets the JP1 as follows:

I cannot get Infineon MiniDebug V1.01 to connect and download, so I cannot download my program code for the ISD51 ISD51 In-System Debugger. Is something wrong?


Yes, in the Phytec documentation table 5 is wrong. The SK C868 Hardware schematic sheet 2 of 3 shows that the JP1 must be low for the bootstrap mode to be activated upon RESET which is (1-2). The deactivation of the Boot strap loader would be pulled high (2-3). Therefore, the correct table 5 should be;

If you refer to the Infineon Quickstart C868 Version 1.00 March 2002 document, you will see the proper connection of JP1 (1+2) as "Take care that the Bootjumper connects to the pins close to the RESET button". The picture of the SK C868 also correctly depicts the proper jumpers. But there is no reference to JP1 (1+2) as in the Phytec Hardware manual.

Check the Infineon Web Site for QuicksartC868 - Getting Started with the Infineon C868 Microcontroller.



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