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Is it possible to simulate the reset behaviour of the Infineon XC16x Devices? When the chip executes from on-chip ROM, the RESET should jump to address 0xC00000 and all interrupt vectors should be directed to this page.


Yes. It is possible to configure the uVision Debugger to correctly simulate this behavoir of the XC16x Devices. The uVision simulator has several VTREG's (listed below) that allow you to configure the reset behaviour of pins on these devices.

By default, the value of the EA pin is set to 0 to simulate the off-chip ROM. When this VTREG is 1 at CPU reset, the uVision simulates on-chip ROM and the RESET vector and interrupt vectors start at address 0xC00000.

You can enable the on-chip ROM behaviour as follows:

  1. Create a debugger INI file that contains the following commands:
    EA = 1          /* Start execution from on-chip ROM */
    reset           /* perform CPU reset: uses value at EA */
    g, main         /* execute program til main
  2. Under Options for Target - Debug - Use Simulator, disable the option "Go till main ()" then enter the filename for the debugger INI file you created.


Article last edited on: 2005-07-09 09:32:25

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