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Is there a way to re-install the USB driver of the Keil ULINK Adapter?


Yes. Reinstalling the ULINK driver is described in ULINK: DRIVER PROBLEM GIVES NO USB DEVICE FOUND. This process works in almost all cases.

In some rare situations, the Windows Operating System creates OEM files that cannot be removed automatically. To delete this file, proceed as follows:

  1. Uninstall the USB Driver: Keil ULINK
    • Connect the Keil ULINK Adapter to your PC.
    • Right-click on My Computer and open the Properties dialog.
    • Click on Device Manager and select Universal Serial Bus - Keil ULINK.
    • Right-Click on Keil ULINK and select Uninstall
  2. Delete all *.INF files containing USBVID_c251&PID_2710
    • Use Start - Search - For Files or Folders. Specify *.INF as file name, USBVID_C251&PID_2710 as search text, the base folder of your operating system as search location (typically this is c:WINNT for Windows 2000/XP computers or c:WINDOWS for Windows 98/ME computers).
    • Start Search. This should bring up a list of INF files (like KeilUL.INF and OEM14.INF). Delete these files.
  3. Delete all KeilUL.SYS and KeilUL0.SYS Files
    • Delete the files KeilUL.SYS and KeilUL0.SYS that are in the drivers folder of your computer. For Windows 2000/XP the files are typically in c:WINNTSystem32Drivers. For Windows 98/ME the files are typically in c:WINNTSystem32Drivers.



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