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What is the best way to disable all interrupts when working with RTX Full?

The os_disable_isr routine works well for individual interrupts, but I must disable all interrupts to protect a critical section in my application.


In many programs, a critical code section is a section of program code that may not be interrupted. These critical sections typically perform some operation that must be atomic in nature. The typical way to protect a critical section is to disable all interrupts before and re-enable them after the critical section.

The RTX51 documentation recommends against disabling all interrupts and direct manipulation of the interrupt enable register (specifically EA=0). However, there is no better way to disable all interrupts in an application. For example:

EA = 0;        // disable all interrupts
foo();         // your un-interruptible code sequence
               // foo() must not call any RTX51 routines
EA = 1;        // enable all interrupts

There are a few requirements you must consider if you disable and re-enable interrupts this way.

Note that the RTX51 kernel has no opportunity to interrupt the above sequence since the system timer interrupt (and any other interrupt) is blocked.


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