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We have written a custom implementation of the setjmp function to solve some problems in our application. We are also using the highest optimization level with Linker Code Packing and we have a problem. The compiler and linker optimize the setjmp function calls and this causes problems for our application.

Is there a way to exclude a part of our code from optimization?


Yes. You may specify a different optimization level for the routine that contains the setjmp call. For example:

#pragma SAVE           // save current optimization level
#pragma OPTIMIZE(7)    // disable function block optimization
void func (void)  {

#pragma RESTORE        // restore original optimization level

The SAVE and OPTIMIZE pragmas save the current configuration and change the optimizer level to 7. The RESTORE pragma restores the previous optimizer level. Use these around your functions that use setjmp and common block subroutine optmization will be disabled (for these functions).

Note: It is not enough to reduce the optimization level to 8, since the compiler (or linker) would still combine code sections with other functions that are translated with optimize level 9 or higher.



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