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I'm having problems loading a program into the XRAM of the Atmel EB55 Evaluation Board (Atmel AT91 Series). Does the Atmel AT91 series have any special requirements for downloading to XRAM?


Yes. The Atmel AT91 devices require a REMAP command in the user startup code to access the on-board XRAM memory. Without the REMAP command, only the internal RAM and on-board FLASH can be addressed.

The Keil ARM installation contains the proper startup code in the ARMxxxStartupAtmel folder. You can copy the startup code Startup.s from this location to your project folder.

You also require a Linker Script (.ld) file and a debugger (.ini) file to setup the device for loading to XRAM. The phyCORE XRAM target in the Blinky project BoardsPhytecAT91M55800ABlinky is a good example of how to do this. It contains:

The Blinky program downloads to and runs in XRAM.

Copy the Startup.s, phyXRAM.ld, and XRAM.ini files from the BoardsPhytecAT91M55800ABlinky folder to your project folder. Add the phyXRAM.ld as your Linker Script File, and the XRAM.ini as your debug Initialization File. You may have to change the Code Size and Data Size values in the phyXRAM.ld file to suit your code and data requirements.


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