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When using the Dallas TINI boards with the Dallas Semiconductor DS80C390 or DS80C400, problems may occur if you use the on-board TCP/IP network stack and if your application uses DATA memory below 0x20.


The TINI board uses memory in the register bank 2 and 3 address space (0x10-0x1F) for the TCP/IP stack implementation. If your application also uses memory in this space, it may be corrupted by calls into the networking API.


Avoid using this memory area. You can use the linker's DATA directive to specify a new starting address for DATA objects. For example:

lx51 ... DATA(0x20)

specifies that DATA space begins at 0x20. This directs the linker to begin locating DATA objects at 0x20 (which avoids the memory used by the TINI TCP/IP stack).

Check your TINI documentation thoroughly for any other memory areas that may not be available to your application.

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