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Is there a way to control the operations of µVision from a different application? I need to be able to start and stop debugging, and read the memory contents.


Yes, µVision offers several possibilities. For example, you may simply generate an include file that contains the debugger commands and enter it as a debugger INI file. The debugger INI file may contain commands like Go, EXIT, Dump, and LOG. Together, with the µVision batch mode, you may write automated test sessions.

A more sophisticated way is to use The uVision Socket Interface (UVSOCK) which enables µVision versions 3.5 and greater to be controlled and monitored by one or more third party applications (Clients). It enables the Client(s) to perform:

The client has access to the power of uVision's device database, build system, and features such as advanced debugging with the Real-Time Agent. The client and µVision work together to provide a seamless experience for the end-user. For more information on the µVision Socket Interface please read Application Note 198 linked to in the MORE INFORMATION section.

For versions of µVision prior to 3.5 the Development Tool Connection (DTC) Interface which is documented in Application Note 170 linked below. DTC allows you complete remote control of build and debug functions. You may download the attached sample that shows you a simple command line application written with Microsoft Visual C. The DTC Tester in Application Note 170 gives you an overview of the complete DTC functionality.

The DTC interface is used by third party products like Telelogic AB (formally I-Logix) Rhapsody or BRK EasyCode.



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