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I have used the sbit constructs in the C166 Compiler for several years and I am now converting my program to Embedded C++. It appears that the following construct does not work:

unsigned int bdata ival;
sbit b0 = ival^0;
sbit b1 = ival^1;
sbit b2 = ival^2;
sbit b3 = ival^3;

What can I do to achieve bit-level access in the Embedded C++ Compiler?


The Embedded C++ Compiler uses standard C syntax for this. Just rewrite your program so it uses a bit-field that is located to the bdata memory type.

struct bits {
  unsigned int b0: 1;
  unsigned int b1: 1;
  unsigned int b2: 1;
  unsigned int b3: 1;
  unsigned int b4: 1;
  unsigned int b5: 1;
  unsigned int b6: 1;
  unsigned int b7: 1;

union bacc  {
  unsigned int uc;
  struct bits   b;

union bacc bdata v1;    // bdata variables can be accessed using bit instructions

int main()  {
  if (v1.b.b0) {
    v1.b.b1 = 1;


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