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I am using the ARM ULINK and attempting to connect to my target board. However, I keep receiving the error messages:

No Algorithm found for Address 0x00000000

and then:

Error: Flash Download failed.

What can I do to solve these problems?


It is most likely that the Keil environment is configured incorrectly.

  1. Go to Project — Options for Target — Utilities, and under 'Use Target Driver for Flash Programming' select a debugger driver. For example, for the MCB2100, select 'ULINK ARM Debugger'.
  2. With the Settings button open the Programming Algorithm dialog. This window lists the programming algorithms selected and this list should not be blank. If it is, use the Add button, and select the required Flash programming algorithm. For example when you are using the Keil MCB2100 Board, select 'LPC2000 256kB Flash'.
  3. Verify that the values for RAM for Algorithm are correct. This should be on-chip RAM address space of the ARM device that you are using.

Detailed information about this issue is provided in the Getting Started for ARM User's Guide under Flash Programming. Once you have configured the Programming Algorithm window, when you start the debug session, you should be able to connect to the device.

Note: you cannot use the command Flash — Download for RAM areas in your application. The RAM content will be downloaded when you start the debugger.



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