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When I try to build a project I receive the following message:

assembling Startup.s...
--- Error: can't execute 'D:ARMADSV1_2BINArmAsm'
Target not created

Don't the Keil tools come with an assembler?


Yes. An assembler is included with the Keil tools. However, from the error message, it appears that your project is configured to use the ARM ADS/RealView tools. If RealView is not installed, you will receive this message.

Check your project Environment settings (Project — Components, Environment, Books — Select ARM Development Tools) to see if they are set to Use RealView Compiler. If so and if the ARM MDK-RealView toolkit is not installed, you will receive this message. Note that the ARM MDK-RealView tools are not included with Keil tools.

To use the Keil tools, select the Use Keil Compiler checkbox. This directs uVision3 to use the included Keil ARM compiler.

Article last edited on: 2007-01-18 11:12:56

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