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Does the uVision Debugger expect to be able to communicate with a target system running MON390 after the GO command is issued (while the program is running) if the Stop Execution with Serial Break option is disabled?


Normally, the uVision Debugger does not communicate with the target after the GO command unless you issue a Stop command or click on the stop button. In that case, the debugger sends data to the target system and expects to receive a response (no matter what state the Options - Debug - Monitor Settings - Stop Execution with Serial Break check box is in).

The monitor is able to stop program execution provided that the serial interrupt on the target is configured and is enabled.

If you don't enable serial break, you can still halt a running program by hitting reset on the target system. This initiates communication with the debugger and prevents the debugger from hanging.

Of course, if serial break is enabled, the Stop command in uVision halts the program.


Article last edited on: 2004-09-16 18:06:01

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