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I want to use Atmel Flip together from the Flash Download button in uVision. I am using an USB device (AT89C5132). Is there a way to use the USB interface instead of the COM interface for Flash download?


Yes, the Atmel Flip installation comes with an utility called BatchISP. This utility plugs directly into uVision and can then be invoked from the Flash - Download button.

The uVision Device Database contains pre-configured command line strings for the BatchISP utility. However, you need to enter the correct path to the BatchISP.EXE program under Project - Options - Utility. Since the path depends on your installation, it is not possible to supply a correct entry. An sample path may look like:

Command: C:Program FilesATMELFLIP 2.4.0inatchisp.exe

You may even change the programming interface from serial to USB, COM, or other supported interfaces. To do this, just change the Arguments string in the Project - Options - Utility dialog. The following string will use the USB interface (you need to install the USB driver for correct operation):

Arguments: -device $D -hardware USB -operation MEMORY FLASH LOADBUFFER %H PROGRAM



Article last edited on: 2005-02-14 15:14:16

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