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I am using the Infineon XC161, XC164, or XC167 devices together and debug my application using the uVision3 Debugger/Simulator. I want to use on-chip ROM and XRAM, I have selected this option in the dialog Project - Options for Target. On my new project, when I run the debugger in the simulator mode I get the error:

*** error 65: access violation: addr=0x0000C000

The debugging works perfectly using the HELLO example project in the folder ...C166ExamplesXC16x Devices. What can be wrong?


You need to configure the device startup options in the dialog: Options for Target - Debug - Use Simulator - Settings to control the startup behaviour for the XC16x devices. The EA# bit needs to be set to 1 (as is the case with the real device). This dialog allows you to set the startup BUS configuration of your device the same way you configure the BUS system using pull-up resistors on the config pins. In addition, you need to set SMOD: Configuration for Program Memory in this dialog.


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