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When I search (Find in the Edit drop-down menu) with µVision3, after entering the text for search, hitting the Enter key performs the search, but closes the Find window. To repeat the search I have to re-open the Find window and re-enter the text again. µVision2 does not work this way.


The editor in µVision2 and µVision3 will repeat a search in the forward direction by pressing the F3 key. The editor in µVision3 adds new shortcuts to make repeat searching easier. With µVision3 there are shortcuts to repeat searches forward or backward, or search forward or backward for text you select.

Here's the shortcut key assignments for Find in µVision3:

       Ctrl+F  - Opens the Find window
           F3  - Finds the next occurrence of the current find text.
     Shift+F3* - Finds the previous occurrence of the current find text.
      Ctrl+F3* - Finds the next occurrence of the selected find text.
Ctrl+Shift+F3* - Finds the previous occurrence of the selected find text.
       Ctrl+I* - Enables Incremental Find mode.

* These shortcut capabilities are not available in µVision2.

You may also use the new Incremental Find feature (Ctrl+I) to perform a search as you type the search string. Then use the F3 key combinations above to search for more occurrences of the same string.



Article last edited on: 2006-11-03 15:45:40

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