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Can I use my Atmel AT91SAM7S64 evaluation board with the Keil tools for ARM? Are there any example programs I can use to get started?


Yes. Since you already have the Atmel evaluation board, all you need is a ULINK USB-JTAG adapter, a USB cable and a USB port on your PC. The following steps show you how to connect, download and run the Blinky example program.

  1. Connect your ULINK USB-JTAG adapter to the JTAG connector on the AT91SAM7S64 board.
  2. Connect a USB cable from your PC to the ULINK JTAG adapter.
  3. Connect power to the AT91SAM7S64 board. You may use either a second USB cable, or a 9 volt power adapter to power the board.
  4. Start µVision3 and and open the Blinky project in the C:KeilARMBoardsAtmelAT91SAM7S folder.
  5. Select the target AT91SAM7S Flash from the target drop-down list.
  6. Re-build the Blinky project by selecting Project -> Rebuild all target files.
  7. The project should compile and link without errors. If you see a C47: Unreferenced parameter warning, you may ignore it for this example.
  8. Download the Blinky example program to the AT91SAM7S64 board by selecting Flash -> Download or clicking the Load button. After downloading, you should see Programming Done and Verify OK displayed in the Output window.
  9. Click the Debug button to start the debug session, then start the program running on the board by selecting Debug -> Go.
  10. You should see the 4 LEDs (DS1-DS4) on the board blink back and forth in sequence, continuously. If you press the BP1 button on the board, the delay between flashes is reduced. Pressing the BP2 button increases the delay between flashes.


Article last edited on: 2006-04-24 09:50:06

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