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I want to run µVision as an automated test tool and I have created a test script file (named TEST.INI) as shown below:

g, _test_end;
printf ("Done

I entered the script filename (TEST.INI) in the Project — Options for Target — Debug — Simulator Initialization File text box. The script seems to work, however it appears that program execution never stops despite the fact that my program reaches the function _test_end.

What can be wrong?


Check if you have enabled the option Run to main () under Project — Options for Target — Debug.

µVision executes the commands of the dialog Project — Options for Target — Debug in the following order:

  1. When Load Application at Startup is enabled, the debugger loads the file stated under Project — Options for Target — Output — Name of Executable
  2. Execute the commands in the Initialization File
  3. When Run to main () is enabled the command G, main is executed.

Since your program has already reached the label _test_end which is most likely after main the command G, main results in an endless program execution.



Article last edited on: 2007-01-12 10:09:16

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