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Is there an easy wait to determine (or protocol) the current running task in Advanced RTX?


The debugging dialog that is available in µVision under Peripherals - Advanced RTX displays the current running task.

In other debugging tools you may examine the content of the Task Control Block (TCB). Advanced RTX provides the variable os_runtask which is a pointer to the TCB of the current running task. You may display the struct based on os_runtask.

In ARTX-166 the TCB contains the task id. This is the task identifier used in the task definition. (See definition of struct OS_TCB in AR166_Config.h).

In ARTX-ARM the TCB contains directly the task entry address ptask. (See definition of struct OS_TCB in ARARM_Config.h).

You may also write these variables to a special debug output port whenever a task is marked as RUNNING. The task switching is performed in the configuration file AR166_Config.c (for ARTX-166) or ARTX_Config.c (for ARTX-ARM). There are two functions that mark a task as running:

os_clock_TCB.state = RUNNING;


p_new->state = RUNNING;

You need to insert a protocol function for the debugger before the source line that logs the task id or task function address ptask.

For example:

os_clock_TCB.state = RUNNING;
debug_log (;


p_new->state = RUNNING;
debug_log (p_new->id);

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