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When a project is built in µVision3, there are only messages like:

Target Not Created

Since there are no error messages, why do I get the Target Not Created message?


You probably have the McAfee Antivirus software installed. The On-Access Protection feature of this virus scanner prevents the error messages from passing between µVision and the compiler or assembler. To fix this problem you have to change the configuration of McAfee:

  1. Open up the the VirusScan Console. To do this, either right-click on the VirusScan icon in the task bar and select VirusScan Console from the pop-up menu, or run VirusScan Console from the Start Menu.
  2. From the VirusScan Console, right click on On-Access Scan and select Properties.
  3. This will open the On-Access Scan Properties window. Click on the All Processes icon on the left hand side of the window.
  4. Enable the On-Access Scan on Read and Write access in the Advanced settings and make sure, that the On-Access Scan is enabled.

The McAfee Enterprise Antivirus software is very complex product and allows a lot of other settings that might also cause this problem. The problem described in this article is the only known one at this time.

Article last edited on: 2005-04-22 09:06:31

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