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I am working with the Phytec phyCORE LPC2294 prototype board and I am debugging my code in the off-chip RAM that starts at address 0x81000000 and all my program code is located there.

The following debugging init file (specified under Project — Options — Use ULINK — Initialization File: XRAM.INI) used to work fine in Keil ARM Suite V1.5 (or before):

// XRAM.INI: Initialization File for off-chip RAM execution

//*** <<< Use Configuration Wizard in Context Menu >>> ***

FUNC void Setup (void) {
//  Program Entry Point
  PC = 0x81000000;

// MEMMAP: Interrupt Vector maps to: <0=> Boot Block
//                                   <1=> On-Chip Flash
//                                   <2=> Static RAM
//                                   <3=> External Memory
                                          (LPC2292/2294 only)
  _WDWORD(0xE01FC040, 0x00000002); // MEMMAP

  _WDWORD(0xFFE00004, 0x20003CE3); // BCFG1: RAM BUS Configuration
  _WDWORD(0xE002C014, 0x0E6049E4); // PINSEL2

Setup();                            // Setup for Running

LOAD XRAMDebug INCREMENTAL         // Download
g,main                              // Run to main

My test program used to startup properly, but now it fails and I have to issue a manual reset and start it manually.

What can be wrong?


µVision V3.10 or higher now offers an additional startup configuration option under Project — Options — Use ULINK — Settings. Make sure that Misc Option — Use Reset at Startup is enabled.

When Use Reset at Startup is disabled, it allows you to start the debugger and halt program execution without a CPU reset. This is useful when an application stops running and you need to figure out what happened up to that point.



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