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I am using µVision together with ULINK to debug the SSC interface (Sync. Serial Interface) on an Infineon XC866 device. When I use the dialog Peripherals - Serial - SSC to display status information, half of the information is grayed out. What is the reason for that?


The Infineon XC800 SSC interface uses a multiplexed Control/Status register. Depending on the status of the EN bit, either the control bits (LB, PO, PH, HB, BM, AREN, BEN, PEN, REN, TEN) or the status bits (BC, BSY, BE, PE, RE, TE) are visible. ULINK never writes into the peripheral registers and therefore the last value read is visible in the rest of the dialog. When you single step in the setup sequence you will see correct values, but when you hit a breakpoint the gray values are not up-to-date.


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