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I'm trying to get a LIC code for my development PC that has no internet access. Is this possible?


Yes. All you need is another PC that is connected to the internet, and some information from ┬ÁVision's License Management dialog. Here's how to do it:

  1. Start ┬ÁVision, and select File - License Management.
  2. Write down the CID value (including the dash) displayed in the Computer ID text box.
  3. On a PC that has internet access, open the web page.


    • If the PC you are using to access the internet has ┬ÁVision installed, do not use the Get LIC via Internet button on the License Management dialog to get a LIC for another PC. Make sure you use the above URL when requesting a LIC for another PC.
  4. Fill-in all the mandatory (bold-faced) fields on this form, and click Submit.
  5. The LIC code for your development PC will be sent to you at the e-mail address you specified on the form.
  6. After you receive the LIC code, go back to the License Management dialog on your development PC and enter that LIC into the New License ID Code (LIC) text box, then click the Add LIC button.

Your product is now activated, and you should see the Product, License ID Code (LIC) and Support Period display in the product list box.


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