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I'm trying to build the VoicePlayer example project supplied for the MCB2130 evaluation board. The project compiles and links without errors, but when uVision runs the CONVERT.BAT file, the command window displays:

Can't execute ..MCB2130VoicePlayerAudioDataBIN2HEX.EXE...

The BIN2HEX.EXE program is in the correct folder.  What is wrong? Why can't it execute?


This will happen on Windows 2000 and Windows XP systems that have disabled "8.3" file name creation.  The BIN2HEX program is a 16-bit application and requires the "8.3" (or short) file and folder names to run. The VoicePlayer and AudioData folder names are longer than 8 characters.


There are 2 ways to correct this:

  1. You can change both of the folder names so they are less than 8 characters long.
  2. You can reset this option back to it's original value of 0.  During installation, Windows 2000 and Windows XP set this option to 0 to create both the "8.3" names and long names. To reset this option you must modify the Windows registry.  Using the registry editor:


    1. Back up your registry file.
    2. Go to the HKLMSystemCurrentControlSetControlFileSystem key.
    3. Find the value named NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation, and set it to 0.
    4. Close the registry editor and Restart your PC.

    The BIN2HEX program should run properly now.



Article last edited on: 2007-01-11 09:55:02

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