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I have an AT91SAM7S-EK evaluation board and a SAM-ICE JTAG adapter. How do I configure this adapter to work with uVision?


Use the following steps to install and configure the SAM-ICE adapter for uVision:

Install J-Link Drivers

  1. Download and install the latest version of J-Link ARM from the Segger web site:
  2. Download the AT91SAM-ICE User Guide found here:
  3. Install the USB drivers (jlink.inf) located at (where Vxxxx is the revision level of the drivers):
    C:\Program Files\SEGGER\JLinkARM_Vxxxx\USBDriver\ 

    (See the AT91SAM-ICE User Guide for more details)

  4. Run the JLINK.EXE program (installed on your desktop during Step 1) to verify communication to SAM-ICE adapter and to the AT91SAM7S-EK board.

Configure the RDI Interface

  1. Locate the README.PDF document and the Keil project found at:
    C:\Program Files\SEGGER\JLinkARM_Vxxxx\Samples\RDI\Projects\KEIL\ATMEL\AT91SAM7S64
  2. In Step 5 of the README document, make sure that the RDI Interface driver (JLinkRDI.dll) is located at this folder:
    C:\Program Files\SEGGER\JLinkARM_Vxxxx\ 
  3. In Step 7 of the README document, in the J-Link RDI Configuration, for the Init tab section, change the location of the macro file to:
    C:\Program Files\SEGGER\JLinkARM_Vxxxx\Samples\RDI\SetupFiles\AT91SAM7
  4. Verify that all the settings were the same as in Steps 8, 9 and 10 of the README document.

Build the BLINKY project (see Step 5 of the README document), then start the debugger. The program should download and debug normally.

Starting with MDK-ARM version 3.50 and later, support was added for the SEGGER Microcontroller J-Link and J-Trace hardware debug units. the recommended debugging solution is using the Keil-provided J-link drivers - not the RDI interface.



Article last edited on: 2010-04-21 12:13:31

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