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I have an MCB950 Board, but I am unable to connect to the JTAG interface using the FS/2 debugger. What could be wrong?


There was a series of boards manufactured, where the value of R4 and R10 are swapped. Make sure that the value of R4 is 10KOhm and R10 is 0 Ohm. Also you need to enable the 2-wired debug port with a configuration setting in the Philips P89LPC952 or P89LPC954 device. This can be configured using the ISP utility FlashMagic. Open the dialog ISP — Device and set the following:

Enable Reset Pin
Debug = 2wire
Enable debug trigger out
Stop timers and RTC

Then change the jumper settings on MCB950 board back to RUN mode (RESET = OFF, RUN = ON). When connecting with the FS2 debugger, make sure you select the FS2DI cable.


Article last edited on: 2006-12-28 15:54:44

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