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I just installed uVision3, but when I change the syntax coloring used in the text editor, my changes are not saved.  What could cause this? 


This can happen if your C:KEIL folder is write protected.  Please make sure that you have Full Control permission to the C:KEIL folder and all sub-folders. 

Syntax coloring (and other configuration options) are stored in .INI files in the C:KEILUV3 folder for each tool.  When you first start uVision after an installation, uVision tries to copy the C:KEILUV3xxx_DEFAULT.INI file to C:KEILUV3xxx.INI (where xxx is the tool name).  Without proper folder permissions (i.e. Full Control) for C:KEIL and sub-folders, uVision cannot create these files and uses the xxx_DEFAULT.INI files instead.


Article last edited on: 2006-11-15 10:29:25

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